30 Days of Gratitude Journal

One of my reasons for participating in the 3o Days of Nothing is to REALLY look at my life. It's pretty good. I want to learn to express more gratitude for what I do have.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Day 15

I am out of toilet paper and milk.

Since I am having Sunday School in my home on Sunday I will buy these items tonight.

Well, honestly I would buy the tp anyways since I don't relish using napkins for 14 more days. Especially since all I have are napkins with designs. When I go to the store tonight, I will consciously and gratefully buy these items.

I'm grateful for fresh milk, soft toilet paper* and the money to buy these.

* I'm also grateful that I can use more than two squares. Have you ever been limited to using two squares? And having to pay for those two squares? And then you couldn't flush it, but had to put it in a trash bag? That wasn't my favorite part of using the bathroom at Notre Dame.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Day 10


One of my favorite recreational activities occurs on Sundays after church.

This is what I am most grateful for today . . . the Sunday afternoon nap.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Day 9


I have a companion who always adores me and is always in a good mood. He’s a great example of how to treat others well and without prejudice. He doesn’t require much money to support. He has just been given a clean bill of health.

I am grateful for my 13 year old dog Chip.

I am also grateful that he is healthy now.

Day 8

Health aids

My asthma has been bad these past two days.
Tthe fires are most likely the cause. Using my inhaler and chi machine helped relieve most of the symptoms.

I am grateful for these health aids.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Day 7


“Eat everything on your plate because there are starving children in Africa,” my mom and grandma would tell us kids at mealtime.

I never understood this, but did as I was told. Not to help those kids, but to keep myself out of trouble.

This past week I have been eating healthier and more regularly. Certainly to help myself, but also as a memorial to those kiddos.*

To eat poorly (when I have a choice to eat differently) seems like a slap in their face. My prosperity has made it possible for me to choose to be negligent. That’s wrong.

I am grateful for food that is clean, plentiful, and healthy.

Lord, thank you for my daily food. Help me not to despise this gift. Help me not to waste it. Show me, Father, how I may help others to receive a daily allotment of clean, plentiful, healthy food. And then help me to follow through.

* Does this make sense? I am having a had time putting into words what I am feeling.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Day 6


I am grateful that I, a woman and a middle-aged woman no less, have the opportunity and means to go to school.

30 years ago I graduated from high school. Last year I received my BA.

Now I am pursuing an MA at seminary. I’m also grateful for those who are encouraging me on this path.

Therefore, today’s gratitude item is school.

Lord, help me to responsibly study, remember and use what I learn to bring You glory and better the world.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Day 5

ometimes I am the first one to hear about the hurts, struggles, and misfortunes of others. As the first-responder, I want to take all the necessary time to first pray.

And even when I am not the first to hear, I still want to take all the necessary time to first pray. Prayer is more than the act of speaking or thinking thoughts of request, adoration, confession, or gratitude.

It’s about release. And hope.

Lately, I’ve been talking with some folks who have some mighty BIG needs. I hear them and want to mail a card or send flowers. Maybe a meal would help. How about if I went and just sat with them?

All those are fine, but it doesn’t really address their inner NEED or my feelings of inadequacy. Because that’s the job of prayer.

And prayer does bring release and hope and answers.

The above photo is the Praying Hands Memorial in Webb City, Missouri.

"Its stately vigil of more than twenty years is a silent testimony of the need for individual reflection and commitment. The mere presence of this powerful symbol reminds us that personal prayer to Almighty God...IS VITAL."

Today, I am grateful for prayer and for those who pray.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Day 4

This past week I stayed at a friend's home looking after her dog. They have a lovely home, yard and office area - which is where I spent most of my time.

What they don't have is a microwave.*
And I use a microwave about a hundred times a day - from boiling water for hot chocolate to cooking a meal. Again it took TIME to plan ahead if I wanted to eat heated and/or cooked foods. I live such a luxurious lifestyle and haven't given it much gratitude until these past few days.

I've also missed using my beeper/car opener thing on my key chain.
My dd has been using my car and my beeper. So whenever I've used my car, I've had to lock and unlock it by hand. It probably seems like a silly thing to be grateful for, but I am.

And so is Doodah. She and I are beeperheads. Read here to get her excellent description.

So today, I am grateful for microwaves and electronic lock keys.

* I found out on my last day here, that they DO have a microwave. It is tucked behind some cupboard doors.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Day 3

The top of my gratitude list for today is . . .


  1. My children - they are NICE people.
  2. Church family - they are super encouraging.
  3. Sunday morning small group - they are people I learn from.
  4. Pastor Mike - he's an approachable, gifted leader who models what he teaches.

There are MORE people in my life that I appreciate. I listed only those that I had contact with today.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Day 2

Today I am grateful for . . .
  • Clean, hot, continuous supply of water whenever I want to shower.
  • Shampoo, soap and other beauty/health aides.
  • Safety.

Day 1


Today I am most grateful for choices. While Tonia birthed this idea, I have the freedom to adapt it to my situation. And Tonia encourages that.

Check out Tonia's website if you'd like to see how others are personalizing the 30 Days of Nothing.
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